sweet dreams

Monday, May 21st, 2007

this morning i woke up with the memory of the last sentence i had uttered in my dream, and it was:

“Can someone give me a hand here? I’m having cake management issues.”

i think i actually woke up because that was so amusing that i could not continue further with the story.

what’s potentially funnier is that the dream actually made a lot more sense than most of my dreams lately, by which i mean that it is actually possible to summarize the plot in waking language without sounding like i’m trying to mimic james joyce – in this dream, i was living in a crowded apartment with lots of people and we had a lot of cakes. i think people had been giving them to us. i think we had just moved in, so they were like housewarming cakes. i was shuffling stuff around in a cabinet and one of the cakes was falling and so i asked for help.

perfectly reasonable.

still funny.

weird dream

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

so lately i’ve been noticing how completely wacky my dreams are right before i wake up. i tend to have some story going that inCludes an awareness of myself sleeping, and makes it imperative that i keep doing so in order for the story to continue. it’s a dirty trick of the grog’s to keep me sleeping as long as possible, and when i manage to shake my head, sit up, and try to make sense of what i’ve been thinking, it’s usually really insane and i get up in a bit of a huff.

as an experiment, i thought i’d try to remember more of these dreams, to write about here as a part of the whole honesty schtick, and to serve as reminders to myself that i should really start seriously questioning any early morning admonition that tells me to stay in bed in order to save humanity from some sort of dire catastrophe.
yesterday it kinda worked – i remembered a weird dream that i had way earlier in the night that didn’t have anything to do with getting up or saving the world. oh well, eh? baby steps.

so i meant to write this yesterday, but by the time i got around to it i was already way behind and i had posted like three things, which made me feel a little manic. but now it’s about to leak out of my brain, so i thought i’d get it down.

it went something like this: