there isn’t enough about candy on this blog

Thursday, March 16th, 2006

more and more, i am enjoying this candy blog that i found one day not that long ago.
the author is a playwright in LA, and she writes a lot, and she likes candy, so she started reviewing candy on her blog, and now people send her things for free so that she can taste them and, hopefully, talk nice.
like she tried some gourmet marshmallows recently, and now i’m seriously tempted to order some, because how often do you get to taste a gourmet marshmallow?!
it’s like tech crunch for candy, and i think it’s wicked cool.

so i’m not saying that i’m trying to secure such a deal for myself, but seeing as i think about candy a lot, and i write a lot, and i’m trying to blog about more of what i think, well…
it strikes me as strange that i never really write about candy.