a tradition in the mixing, volume two

um, hi there…
i have no excuse for not keeping everyone updated on my exploits over the past month, apart, i suppose, from the exploits themselves, which have kept me rather busy.

but that’s pretty lame.

i am writing today from palm beach gardens, FL, where i have spent the holidays with my mother and grandmother, and actually, i don’t have any updates for you beyond that skeletal announcement, sooo… maybe i should skip this part and go with more of a distraction-oriented technique…

is that a new sweater you’re wearing? because the color really suits you. you look ten years younger. i hardly recognize you. in fact, have we met? i think you need to send me your bank account information and the last four digits of your SSN, just so i can be sure you’re really who you say you are… and by the way i’m going to tahiti next week, can i send you a postcard?


(don’t really send anything, grandma…

…but i’ll still send a postcard)

ok so anyway, a year ago i wrote a post describing a potential new end-of-year tradition – the compilation of a playlist; a soundtrack of sorts for the year gone by; a record, as i put it at the time, of “the songs that happened to stand out for me in a given year, be they new discoveries or old favorites that are somehow heard anew.”

i like this idea for lots of reasons, not the least of which that i have always found the compilation of mixes to be hella fun, and it turns out that picking out songs that trigger memories of the key events of the year gone by is a very enjoyable activity with quite a bit of reflective potential, so… good new year’s game! i did it again!

this year, however, i finally abandoned all pretense of ever intending to actually burn the finished product onto CD, and as a result there was no very strong incentive to limit my choices to a number that would fit easily within the memory requirements of antiquity. whether that led to a bloat of laziness or a blossoming of potential i shall leave for you to decide, but, whatever the verdict, if you decide to play along i shall increase your mp3 collection by 44 units, so i hope that there are at least one or two selections that help you kick off the year with a smile.

fwiw, 6 of the songs are actually the movements of one cello suite, so that kind of skews the tally, and in a few cases there are several songs in a row because they have been inseparably fused together in my memory as components of some pastiche of imagery and sound that i heard in my head at one point or another during the year, but have not yet fully discovered how to translate into this shared domain we know as the physical world. that is quite possibly a project for the year ahead, so… stay tuned for volume 3! :)

as it is, i offer you my year in music, 2007, zipped up for less frustrating downloading (but still passively time-intensive… go read someone else’s blog! drink tea!), ordered with one ear to a rough chronology and the other to pacing and flow. whether any of it shines through the cracks of my tinkering or not, i hear a story when i listen to these songs, and i am privileged to have the chance to share that story now with you.

enough words.

  1. Ain’t Got No/I Got Life – Nina Simone
  2. Superman – REM
  3. Sneakin’ Out the Hospital – The Beastie Boys
  4. Chapter 24 – Pink Floyd
  5. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – Led Zeppelin
  6. Look at Miss Ohio – Gillian Welch
  7. The Gloaming – Radiohead
  8. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage – Panic at the Disco
  9. Lotto – First Coat
  10. Suite No. 1 in G: 1. Prelude – Johann Sebastian Bach/Boris Pergamenschikow
  11. Find the River – REM
  12. Suite No. 1 in G: 2. Allemande – Johann Sebastian Bach/Boris Pergamenschikow
  13. Intermission – Panic at the Disco
  14. Suite No. 1 in G: 3. Courante – Johann Sebastian Bach/Boris Pergamenschikow
  15. delicate – damien rice
  16. Suite No. 1 in G: 4. Sarabande – Johann Sebastian Bach/Boris Pergamenschikow
  17. Hook – Blues Traveler
  18. Suite No. 1 in G: 5. Menuett I + II – Johann Sebastian Bach/Boris Pergamenschikow
  19. Fourth Time Around – Bob Dylan
  20. Suite No. 1 in G: 6. Gigue – Johann Sebastian Bach/Boris Pergamenschikow
  21. smaller rivers – Sam Prekop
  22. I’m Free – The Who (Tommy)
  23. Where Do They Make Balloons? – They Might Be Giants
  24. Measuring Cups – Andrew Bird
  25. cold water – damien rice
  26. Chinese Translation – M Ward
  27. April Come She Will – Simon and Garfunkel
  28. Alpenglow – Victor Hanson Smith
  29. Weatherman – First Coat
  30. Singin in the Rain – Gene Kelly
  31. Across the Universe – The Beatles
  32. Saturday Sun -Nick Drake
  33. Nude – Radiohead
  34. Greetings in Braille – The Elected
  35. It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) – Bob Dylan
  36. Is It Wicked Not To Care? – Belle and Sebastian
  37. volcano – damien rice
  38. I Am The Walrus – The Beatles
  39. Such Great Heights – The Postal Service
  40. Ramon – Laurie Anderson
  41. Life in a Glasshouse – Radiohead
  42. Fuel – Ani DiFranco
  43. Blackbird – Bobby McFerrin

happy new year.

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  1. sharon Says:

    thank you! what a treat! and moreso to get to talk to you on NYEve night … was nice to hear your voice. we miss you.


  2. Victor Says:

    Thanks for 2 hours, 44 minutes, and 28 seconds of productive code-writing time.

  3. The K-log Says:

    […] the return of “kynthia’s year in music,” a project that i began in 2006, repeated in 2007, and heretofore hope to continue as a year-end […]

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