Hi, I'm Kynthia

The name is Greek, but I'm an unidentifiable hodgepodge of German and Irish immigrants, French-Canadian trappers, Southern rednecks, and Cherokee wanderers whose names are lost to the record books. The Brunette family was one of the original founding families of Green Bay, Wisconsin, so I'm conditioned as a Packers fan, but that doesn't mean I can get you tickets. Sorry. :)

This is my evolving digital home, where I am learning to blog, building a portfolio, and striving to collect the various bits and pieces of my online identity. I hope you find something that tickles your fancy, makes you think, or at least makes you smile.

I am a Political Scientist and Interaction Designer by training, a writer by force of habit and compulsion, and a foodie, contra dancer, traveler, and puzzle-lover by choice and association. I sometimes go to Unitarian Universalist churches, I know how to scuba dive, I like making music mixes and I know how to solve the Rubik's cube, but it's hard to explain and I still don't really understand why the last part works.

I believe that people can change the world by paying attention to their dreams and endeavoring to bring bits of them into reality, and I hope to do my part both by acting on behalf of my own dreams and by building tools that will inspire others to act on behalf of their own. That, in a nutshell, is why I love design.

I believe in both small government and big social responsibility, so I don't always fit easily into a political box. I am starting to think that the world needs to fracture itself in order to find the strands that can bind it together more tightly than geography ever will, and the task that has fallen to my generation is to string those strands securely and well. That, in a nutshell, is why I love the internet and the digital world it is teaching us to build.

I graduated from the Indiana University School of Informatics in May of 2006, and a part of me will always call Bloomington home. I traveled around the UK for a while after graduation, then moved to Portland, Oregon, where I had the chance to work with some friends of mine for a few months on a contracting job. I stayed in Portland for 9 months, absent the time I was at Burning Man, and visiting friends in California. Since then I have spent time in Bloomington, Colorado Springs, Boulder, San Diego, and the Bay Area, circling, deciding when and where to land...

Thanks for stopping by!